Public Address Announcer | Master of Ceremonies | Emcee | Host| Washington, DC | Northern Virginia 

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With a genuine voice, Marc has contributed to the success of hundreds of live  events by informing, educating, inspiring and entertaining audiences. 


For more than 20 years, Marc has brought enthusiastic energy to the microphone.

Based in Washington, DC/ Northern Virginia area and available for travel.

An accomplished public address announcer/host/emcee, Marc orchestrates every event with the proper mix of pageantry and precision. Organizers trust Marc to hit the talking points, add inspired improv, highlight sponsors and manage the crowd with a tone that matches the personality and theme of the event. All successful events need to find a voice. Bring in Marc to be your event voice.

“Your PA announcing was extraordinary! Backed by an incredibly well-done music mix. It created an exceptional atmosphere of excitement and accomplishment.”
-Chas Henry, veteran broadcaster
“I have utilized and witnessed Marc's professionalism, skill and uncanny ability to captivate large audiences. He is able to work with and stick to a script, but is almost better given talking points and freedom to ad-lib. Marc understands the importance of highlighting corporate partners and is witty enough to subtly incorporate them organically. Marc is the one person I trust most to be the voice of my event”
-Pete Kirschner, events/communications professional
“Marc brings energy and passion to the event that makes those final minutes before the start exhilarating. I always get hyped up listening to him and it makes me want to get out of the TV truck and run that race!”
-Michele Gordon, sports producer
“Having observed events around the globe, I took special note of Marc's announcing talents. His performance stands out for its powerful choice of words and ability to command and focus the attention of a large crowd.”
-Kathrine Switzer, iconic athlete, author,
Emmy award-winning television commentator

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public address announcer/host with high profile experience at the largest road races, galas, festivals, participatory sport events, college basketball games, community gatherings, fundraisers, awards dinners and special ceremonies. 


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